Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Under the watchful eye...

I had this really clever post started this afternoon. Well, I thought it was clever.

But, then Home Health came over to change Tom's wound vac, and I obviously got distracted by that.

(BTW - Tom's rear is looking superb! I'm sure you appreciate hearing about your brother's bum, huh Trish? I'm thinking having it healed by Christmas might not be an outragous goal.)

Then I had to quickly run off to get to the chiropractor... and ended up about 20 minutes late anyhow.

So, I attempted to save the post so I could come back to it later, finish it up, and share my humor with all of you.

Except Blogger ate it.

Its gone.

No evidence of the blasted thing ever existing.

So, I determined that to be divine intervention, and decided I probably shouldn't of posted what I was attempting to write. Otherwise I probably would of hurt some feelings accidentally, when my intention was humorous.

Okay, my intentions were not humorous. The words were written out of frustration, and would of hurt some people's feelings.

But, it was written in a funny way... I promise.

See, divine intervention.

It saved me from having to be the bigger person and apologize for being hurtful.

Although I would feel that I shouldn't be the one apologizing...

Ahh... cryptic, isn't it?

(Oh, and some of you already know what I'm talking about. Please don't name them in the comments. K thx bi!)


Trisha said...

Yeah, thanks for talking about my brothers bum, I appreciate that.

Thank God for Divine Intervention! (Who else would you thank?) I have a feeling your "humor" could have been direct towards me. Nah, you'd never do that to little ole me! Trish

Sheila said...

Oh no, I would never do that... I would tell you to your face. ;)

Trisha said...

Then there's that...nothing you could type would offend me any more than anything you could think of to say to my face. And since I can dish it just as much...well, we have a very good understanding.

Elizabeth said...

Ok, what the hell is going on over here?
What are you talking about and where is that post b/c I could not find anything???

Sheila said...

Dude, the post got lost. I pressed 'save' and it disappeared. It's no longer.

But, I did type it all out in my documents... so maybe I'll email you that.