Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I feel blecky.

Sore throat. Stuffy head. Slight fever.

The plus and minus of the situation is that I don't have to go to work tonight anyhow.

(The plus being that I don't have to feel bad for not going in because there is no work to do anyhow. The minus being that my paycheck is small enough as it is...)

I'm considering taking a nap, already.

I hope Tom doesn't get this crap and have it mutate into something larger.

I also hope I get over it quickly.

A couple points for ya:

  • Tomorrow we take Tom to the wound care clinic. Hopefully there will be even more improvement since Tuesday, and they'll take him off the wound vac. I doubt it, but it would be nice.
  • Its flippin' cold outside. Whoever decided that we should smoke outside is stupid. (That would be my idea, for those paying attention.) But, the cold weather makes me want to smoke less since I have to go outside... so that's good, I guess.
  • Tom's van needs new brakes. The van has needed them for a while, but their getting close to the 'scary point'. Like I have $300 around Christmas time to pay for brakes!
  • Paul is heading off to California the day after Thanksgiving until a week before Christmas. If anyone wants to spend a couple hours with Tom in the evenings so I can run to work, let us know. I don't work Mondays or Tuesdays. At this rate, I rarely work Wednesdays or Sundays either.


I'm sleeping.

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