Friday, November 03, 2006

C'mon now!

When you want me to buy something for your son's preschool fundraiser, please do not bring your ill behaved son and his little sister (who obviously learned her manners from her older brother), a 500+ catalogue and stare at me blankly expecting me to purchase something from you.

Oh, and you should definitely have a little speech thought out before ringing the doorbell. Like, oh... I don't know, how about: "Hi, I'm selling _________ for a fundraiser for my son's preschool. Would you be interested in looking at a catalogue?"

(Doesn't sound that hard? Well, it was. I think she said - and I quote, "I'm selling stuff.")

I had to continuously ask her questions: What are you selling? Do you have a catalogue? What is this for? When do you have to have the money? When do the items come in? Do you have a copy of the massive catalogue I can look at and contact you when I make a decision? Is there a web site I can browse?

Only one copy of the book? Seriously?!

No web site? Really.

Uh, sorry lady, I don't have the patience to stand outside of my house (because there's no way I'm letting your hellions into my house!) and look at this monstrous book and attempt to make small talk with an adult who has the conversation skills of first grader.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Come back when you have a catalogue to leave with me, then I'll consider looking for something to purchase.

Next time leave your kids at home, or teach them to mind you, and respect others property.

Oh, and learn how to hold a conversation.



Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow, yeah, that makes no sense at all.

We have a rule in our house that we will usually buy the girl scout cookies or whatever but the child has to ask. We don't buy from parents.

I think the most we have ever had to look through was a one page flyer. A whole catalog? That's silly.

Thanks for entering the contest!

Elizabeth said...

Ya how RUDE really people just amaze me!