Friday, November 03, 2006


Tom got his air mattress today, which is a huge help fighting and preventing pressure sores. We're hoping that it will also help him sleep better, and wake up in less pain.

The guy that delivered it to us was very nice, and is going to work on getting Tom a better bed frame also (this one is bowed, for some strange reason - we use a folded up comforter to make the bed level).

We're going to be pretty busy next week, even considering Tom is supposed to be on 100% bed rest. We've got urology, podiatry and wound care on three separate days. We're trying to make it so Home Health can take care of urology for us, and we might put off podiatry for a couple weeks.

I find it interesting that doctors don't understand that when the patient has a pressure wound, that its not horribly conveniant to come into the office.

Yet, I also find it ironic that when someone has a bed sore, they should stay in bed to treat the wound.

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