Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We moved into this house in May.

This is the first place that I've lived (minus my parents house when I was a teenager) that I kinda expected trick-or-treaters.

My first place was an apartment - no trick or treaters. The second was a studio above a business - uhm, no trick-or-treaters. The third was an apartment in a barn - you're probably getting the idea by now...

There are kids in this neighborhood. I know, not only because I've seen them, but because they've already bombarded us to buy stuff for school fundraisers!

Oh well, I guess.

Like I really needed all this candy staring me in the face.

I guess I better start working on making it disappear!


Elizabeth said...

Are you kidding me, I ran out of candy. And you know you could donate it if you don't want it there in your face.
Just a thought! :-)

Useless Man said...

mmmmmmmm.... candy....