Monday, October 30, 2006

Is it really that hard?

I'm not shy when it comes to screwing up my template while trying things out.

I've been trying to figure out Beta Bloggers new fancy schmancy labeling system. You know, I figure, if its there... use it. Right?

What's the point of using the labels if there's no way to list them? Is it too much to ask to see my stupid labels in my side bar?!

Well, I'm not fluent in coding, by any means. So, I google blogger hacks.

I have spent hours looking at beta hacks. It would appear that all the hacks I'm looking at are for Beta Bloggers layouts and widgets, not already 'customized' templates.

This is driving me crazy.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or how to fix it?

I'm sure this is one of the reasons that template designers are cussing at the Beta Blogger.

I know I am.

1 comment:

jane said...

Damn, I haven't got a clue about any of that stuff. Good luck.