Friday, December 08, 2006

I'll be your frickin' tooth fairy

Tom's watching news clips on his lap top computer.

We just heard something about extracting stem cells from baby teeth.

I had a horribly entertaining vision of the tooth fairy punching little kids in the mouth to get their baby teeth.

I promise it was funny, instead of really sick and twisted like it reads here.

I swear.


Pease don't call the authorities on me.


RisibleGirl said...

I'll have to read that article. If they can do that- WOW.

You do have bit of devil in you... and I love it!

Bluepaintred said...

*Dialing Right Now*

Sheila said...

RisibleGirl - I'm always keeping an ear open for stem cell... and thank goodness you appreciate my evilness.

BPR - If you're calling on me, then I get to call on you, k? ;)

angie said...

you need to watch this

Elizabeth said...

Um, you are a freak but I still love ya. :-)