Sunday, December 10, 2006


Oh my goodness.

I thought I was being all clever here...

Its taking for flippin' ever.

I hate satellite internet.

One day we'll have a high speed internet. One day...

Okay, but the real point of this entry:

Aw, look!

Our first fire in our fireplace!

(Our backyard neighbor decided we had to have a fire in our fireplace...)

Technically we shouldn't have a fire in the fireplace until we do some repairs. But, they kept the fire small, and watched it carefully.

I recorded this (twice) so Tom can watch it while he's in bed. Hehe! Maybe it'll help him stay warmer just watching it.

(The first time I tried to record it, our black and white kitty Noname decided he needed to sit directly in front of the camera. Not in a, "Aw, look at the cute kitty by the fire" way. It was more of a, "Dude, I can't see the fire cuz the cat's blockin' the shot" way.)

Yeah, it took a looooong time to upload this short clip. Like, almost a flippin' hour.

That's a little extreme, if you ask me.

Now I'm off to my sister's house!


kentucky Girl said... warm and toasty! :D

angie said...

I'm jealous!