Friday, December 29, 2006

new blog toy

Okay, its not new. I just figured it out though.

There's this acronym code that I have seen for a long time on other blogs.

I always thought that only the cool kids could use it.

But, I gave it a whirl, and it works. Obviously.

Now, my question is, how does one have all their acronyms programmed so you don't have to type the code each time?

Anyone? Anyone?


Why can't you see the acronym underlined on IE?

That's crappy.

What kind of fun is this toy if most people can't see it?


RisibleGirl said...

I think that code just might solve the dilemma that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. As my family grows (sons with girlfriends), I was thinking of putting up a "cast of characters" in my sidebar. But I think this will be MUCH better!

I'm so stealing this idea!

Kentucky Girl said...

I dunno how to do it on Blogger. :-/

In wordpress, it's a plugin that I just go in and type out the acronyms and what I want them to say.

I Looooooove it though. :D