Tuesday, January 30, 2007

feeling obligated, but not motivated

Yeah, so Trish decided (on a whim) to take me and her mother to the boats on Sunday night. We really had a good time, although can never leave that place with money. I don't know why... I had even almost broke even at one point!

I gave her more than ample crap about that fancy new invention called a turn signal. She almost started getting the hang of using it within the last 10 minutes of the drive home. I bet we're back to square one, though... And, the next time I travel somewhere with her, I'll have to beat it into her head again.

Saturday night, I went over to my mom's house. My aunt decided to stop by as well. Somehow, during this visit, it was declared that the third Saturday of the month would be Mai Tai night at my mom's house. I'm sure that I helped decide this, but not sure how I got involved in the process. And, sadly, I was sober the whole time... so I can't even blame this decision on a buzz. ;)

I also found out on Saturday night that an old friend's husband has a brain tumor. WTF, right? I'll find out more information on that Wednesday.

Tom has another pressure wound on his left leg, now. The other two spots (on his bum and right heel) are slowly healing. We had a couple set backs with each of them... but hopefully we've got a hold on them again. Pressure wounds are miserable. I hate them. Tom hates them. Actually... I don't really know of anyone that does like them.

I looked online last night at some wheelchair accessible vans. Ours is doing okay, but I thought we'd be more apt to get out of the house if loading Tom into the van was easier. And, realistically, I think we should consider getting a newer van in a couple years. I say a couple years because we can't afford a payment until my car is paid off. Its crazy how much a van with a lift cost. A new van with a lift cost $40-50,000. Seriously. Obviously, we'll be looking to purchase a used one - and hopefully we'll luck out and find a good buy.

I'm super ready for spring.

I'm also done rambling.

Good day to you.


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Trisha said...

Ahhh...NOW I feel loved again! Yeah, I'm all better now that you ratted me out in public...well sorta public anyway.

So...you ready to go again? LOL. Okay, okay...that part is gonna have to wait a few months...but we'll get there...and yes, this time we'll take Tom too! I promise!

Maybe you'll win enough to buy that new van. Yeah, that's what we'll pray for!