Sunday, January 28, 2007

Maybe its because I'm tired?

I have, like, two completely separate things I could blog about tonight.

One is about my wonderful family.

One is about an old childhood friend.

I've started writing each once.

Neither is wanting to be written.

So, I will leave you with nothing.

Besides this mumbo jumbo, of course, which makes you wonder why I bothered.

I kind of wonder why I bothered too.


Trisha said...

What no "Confessions of a Gambler" today? No, "turn signal" junkie remarks? Wow! I guess you ARE tired! Missing a great chance to make fun of me again. Sheesh! Are you sick? :o)

angie said...

its tuesday... what are you doing today?

Elizabeth said...

You are so funny!
And Trish USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL it is just rude to not use it. I really get mad at people who just get over in my lane without letting me know! GEEZ.