Wednesday, January 24, 2007


There's really nothing going on over here.

Nothing at all to entertain the masses...


So, for entertainment purposes only, I will risk life and limb for you - my valued three readers.

We will take a journey together. A long, drawn out journey... which, btw, you asked for.

So, sit back, grab a diet coke and push off work a little while longer.

I will attempt to use all the words listed below, found in my tiny little dictionary that I keep by my desk, in a short short story.

Do not attempt this at home. This should be left to trained professionals, and people who have nothing to write about in their blog.

Oh, yeah, btw.... I need you to finish the story. Please leave in the comments answers for the two blanks that you'll find near the end of the story.

merry, emit, sprinkle, canteen, sacred, gyrate, rope, hereafter, syrup, vigil

Once upon a time, in a merry land far far away, there lived a girl named Anisheth (that's a mix of my sister, Tom's sister and my best friends name, btw - my three 'loyal' readers Clever, I know).

Anisheth had a love for syrup. She carried the sacred liquid with her at all time in her canteen. She would sprinkle the sugary substance on anything and everything, in attempts show others the gooey goodness and all its uses.

One day, the town's sacred cow fell down in a ravine! The poor animal emitted a horrendous noise, alerting the town to its situation.

The whole town kept a constant vigil by the ravine while figuring out how to remove the cow safely. They tried using a rope to pull the creature out, but could not keep a firm grip.

Anisheth came forward and suggested pouring her lovely syrup on the rope.

"This will surely help you keep your grip," she offered.

The rope was thrown down to the sacred cow and tied around its midsection.

The rope was sticky enough to hold onto, but the cow gyrated all the way up the ravine.

Anisheth was declared a hero. Her persistent use of syrup had saved the town's sacred cow!

Hereafter, Anisheth was called _______ for her cleverness, and the town was renamed ______ to celebrate the day that the cow had been saved.


Trisha said...

Princess Syrup and the town was called....wait for it.....
"Syrtopia". get a life (so I can live vicariously through you)and get us some actual life events on here. Something we can really sink our teeth in to. Jeez!

thethinker said...

Cowgirl & Cowtown.

I'm guessing this girl lives somewhere in Texas, seeing as she's saving cows with syrup and whatnot. We love our cows in Texas.

Elizabeth said...

I would like to say that I agree with Trish! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I don't have a clue on the ending yet wait for it I am thinking.

Bluepaintred said...

blank one Bluepaintred The Great
blank two Bluetopia


Bluepaintred said...

and AND if you dont teach me how to add the "click here to finish reading" thing y to my blog i will sit and cry and cry and cry and then i will wipe snot on your shoulder as you try to comfort me. It wont be pretty