Friday, January 26, 2007

I am so super duper cool

Yes, I am.

No, really. I am.

See, check it out - my own 'store'.

I am so super duper cool.

(Yeah, I said that already.)

Deal with it.

I got a cool link in my side bar... something about newsletters... don't know how that works yet.

But, ya know, its all good.

Cuz why?

Cuz I'm super duper cool.

Oh, btw, I'll be changing stuff in there monthly, I think. This was just a quick test run of how all that crap works.



angie said...

school together? lets! lol

love your store, wish I had money. I'd get the smiley messenger bag (or any of it) for a girl I work with.

hmm, work.... I guess I need to go do that.

oh went to the dr yesterday, I have a mild sinus infection... doesn't feel real mild to me but whatever. I got drugs. something about stuff you spray up your nose really bothers me.

angie said...

btw what does the not interested one say?

Trisha said...

Ahhhh...I'm so proud of you!!! Now go on and buy me some stuff! Go ahead, you know you want to!

Seriously, those are some pretty darn stinking cute shirts and stuff. Think I might need some of them! :o)

Sheila said...


Not Interested

unless you're a billionaire
then we can talk

Elizabeth said...

Cool stuff!
I too would love to get stuff but will have to wait till I have some money.