Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Searching for...

Suddenly, my blog has been attacked by Google searches.

Now, some of you might not find that to be weird, but ironically my blog had to be somehow overlooked by Google... (Ironic because Google owns Blogspot)

I have had this blog going for over a year, and until these last two weeks, I had only had 3 or so search engines hit this blog.

Things have caught up, though, and my blog has been searched for weird things.


subpump making noise - Hm. I have never owned a subpump in my entire life. I've only dealt with one to drain the cover on my Mom's pool. It made noise. Not like a mind blowing, hurts my ears noise... but the search didn't specify what kind of noise the pump was making. So, my helpful hint for this would be: Yes, subpumps make noise.

blame tom myspace t shirts - Now, settle down. My Tom has nothing to do with Myspace. And, in my opinion, its rude of you to assume this. You know how the saying goes, "Assuming makes an ass out of you and me." But, if you find a tshirt that just says, "Blame Tom", let me know. Because, I can blame my Tom for lots of stuff. ;)

davids bridal calypso - I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for here in my blog. If you're curious about David's Bridal... why not go to their web site. They'd be able to show you what calypso looks like. Honest. I swear. I've done it several times. I'm not a calypso kind of girl. My favorite color is green. But, Elizabeth... she's the one getting married. And, her favorite color is blue. Preferably, baby blue. But, ya know, David's Bridal doesn't have that color.

funny dilemmas - Well, I'm thinkin' that you got sent here because of my previous blog title. I do apoligize for that. Hope you found something mildly entertaining... Ya know, though, details are important when searching. That was a very general search.

chris sheila blog 2007 - Yes, hello. You have found Sheila's blog, and its 2007. Good job. Now, as for this Chris person... I don't know nothin' about 'em. (Just don't look in that shallow grave in the back yard.) *wink wink*

why i hate football - Are you looking for scientific reasoning as to why you hate football? I think its encoded on people's DNA. Yeah... I'm fairly sure about that. In fact, I think they did a study at Harvard about that last year. You should research 'DNA testing for antipedsphere'. I'm sure that's what I read somewhere... Lemme know how that works out for ya. K?

My eldest aunt's name on my father's side - This blog has also been searched for my second youngest aunt on my father's side in the past. These are not horribly common names... I'm curious as to who knows my family, and why they're googling them. Yet, I've definitely googled my own name before. Its kind of fun to see how your 'name twin' pops up on the internet. Maybe they're famous! Maybe they're mass murderers... But, dude, if you're looking for my family - and you're googling your way here - flippin' email me. I'll pass on the message. Otherwise, you're being stalker-ish. And that ain't cool.

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