Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tickle Me, Ickle Me

While giving Tom a hug, my nose started tickling.

I hate having the sudden urge to scratch my nose, especially while I'm in the middle of something else.

Why is it when your nose tickles, you need to scratch it?

Why doesn't any other part of your body 'tickle'?

"Hm, my arm tickles. Maybe I should scratch it."

"Gosh, my head really tickles."

"That athletes foot makes my toes tickle."

Yeah, I never hear anyone say any of that.

Tom and I briefly discussed this phenomenon.

The close of the conversation was, "I feel the need to blog about this."

And now you're faced with this dilemma as well.

Oh, and since we're here, it disturbs me when people use 'itch' instead of 'scratch'.

"Will you itch my face?"

Uhm, fairly sure your face is itching already. Wouldn't you rather I scratch it?

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