Friday, January 05, 2007


They decided to re-gravel our road this week. Thank goodness. I nearly lost my car in a pot hole the other day. And, all that bouncing around is not fun for Tom when we go somewhere in the van.

I wonder why they don't pave the road. I mean, I realise that paving the road would cost more, initially. But, having to re-gravel the road every other month can't be saving them too much money in the long run.

I would understand the hesitation if this road was not well populated, or rarely traveled. But, I live in a neighborhood with 75 - 100 other houses.


I have yet to take down the Christmas tree. Tom's on 100% bed rest for his wounds, which means I rarely leave the bedroom. Therefore, the tree is not screaming at me to pack it away. I really should get on that, though. By this rate, it'll be March before I get it done.


Tom's wounds are improving. They're back to 'before the holiday' size. I think we've both decided (although not spoken out loud) that, if Tom's able to stay sane, it would be better for him to stay in bed. We're really tired of dealing with the stupid wound, and bed rest would help it heal so much faster.

Of course, I'll definitely get Tom into his chair when he asks...


Its going to cost $150 to fix the lift on Tom's van. I mean, at least its only $150. But, its $150 we didn't budget for. We're getting it fixed on Tuesday. Gotta love Discover card!!


Uhm, I guess that's it.

Catchya later.

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