Monday, February 05, 2007

The Bathroom

** Please note: the links included in this description are NOT the exact items we need. They are similar in appearance, but are only linked here to show the curious folk an idea of what we're going to do eventually. **

In order for Tom to get into the bathroom, we will need to make our door larger.

After he's actually able to get into the bathroom, we will have to remove our current shower / tub combo and put in a 'roll-in' shower. We'll also have to include a ramp to get over the threshold - which I cannot find a picture of off hand.

Of course, by doing this, we'll have to redo the exposed walls and get a shower rod (curved for easier movement while in the shower) and curtain.

Also, we'll have to order some form of shower chair that will work best for Tom's and my needs. We're crossing our fingers that insurance will cover this cost when the time times.

The nickle and dime stuff add up quickly. The replacement of the linoleum floor. The framing of the new door. The new faucet for the shower, since our current one leaks. Etc, etc.

There might be unexpected changes on the way, also. What if the studs are rotting behind the old tub walls? Is Tom's shower chair really going to be able to squeeze between the wall and the sink or toliet?

Thankfully, we have friends that are in the construction industry. They'll do the work, no charge to us. And, they'll do it in a way that will make Tom happy.

When we raise enough money, I'll make sure to take pictures of the whole process!


Katy said...

I couldn't give much but I am happy to help.

Joni said...
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Joni said...

Our insurance didn't pay for my husband's shower chair, but I got a nice one for under $300. And you may have already found that eBay is your friend when it comes to durable medical supplies. :)

I'm glad your friends are helping with the construction. So often that is not the case. And if it makes you feel better, once you install that roll-in shower, and you ever decide to sell the house, you can always call it a "spa shower" -- those are quite trendy these days. :)