Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Tired

I am.

I'm not sure why.

I think it might be the self-induced chocolate coma.

Yeah, I love Tom's mom and sister. They brought us chocolate. And Diet Coke.

How can you not love someone like that?

But, seriously, folks... I've only eaten two pieces of chocolate.

You'd think the sugar would give me that quick energy boost before throwing me face first into the pile of pillows on my bed.

Now I must contemplate eating more chocolate to wake up, or go ahead and crash.

This is going to take some time to figure out...

I'll get back to you. ;)


Trisha said...

Now I have it in writing that you love me! Don't go thinking I'm letting that one go. Yep, it's on my calendar. Feb. 5-6, 2007 Sheila admitted that she loved me! Ha! Ha! Gotcha!

Sheila said...

You don't have to like someone to love someone. Its like a sibling... you're required to love them, but you don't have hang out with them on purpose.

Oh, damn, I do that.

Um, nevermind.

Trisha said...

Ha ha! Thanks for proving my case further. I appreciate that. Of course I knew that you would attempt to argue with me...but the fact that you beat yourself at that one...well, that's priceless to me.

Elizabeth said...

I think that you guys might really need some help. :-)
Sheila you better love me and not out of obligation either cause there is nothing holding us together like family! :-)