Monday, February 12, 2007

Dinner with the family

Elizabeth had gone out to dinner with her folks and her Uncle and Aunt.

Her Uncle, being polite, asked her what the head count was for her wedding.

She sighed, knowing the conversation that was going to occur from the simple question, "800."

Her Uncle looked at her with wide eyes. Her Mother cringed with the number as well.

"We can still have it at Yellow Stone Park," her Dad offered.

Elizabeth shook her head, "No, Dad, I want to have it here."

"What's wrong with Yellow Stone Park?" her Uncle asked. "And why so many people?"

"I've been dreaming of this day since I was a little kid, and it was never at Yellow Stone Park. Dad wants it at Yellow Stone, and I have no idea why! There wouldn't be as many people, except his family is Italian and my family feels the need to invite every South African on this continent..."

The crowd start to all talk at once, adding their own advice to Elizabeth's wedding.

Elizabeth's Aunt interrupts, "Leave her be, leave her be. This is her wedding and she should be allowed to have it however she wants!"

Then, I woke up. Yeah, it was a dream. It was weird. I don't get it, because none of it affects me, really.

No offense, Elizabeth, but your wedding should not stress me out. Another crazy dream like this, and I may have to consider therapy.

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Trisha said...

Ummm...Sheila, darling, I think you need therapy with our without wedding stress and/or dreams. Don't go blaming others for your insanity.