Thursday, February 01, 2007


I got a flat tire.

On the way to work.

I was just saying the other day how, although I knew how to change a tire, I had not needed to exercise that skill for a long time.

Yeah, I know, I know... Karma and all that crap. Thanks for that.

Anyway - this has been the troublesome tire. The one that had a slow leak ever since we've moved to the house. And, I kept hoping that the gravel road I lived on was the reason that I had to continuously air up my tire.

Well, guess I was wrong.

Paul tells me afterwards that he noticed my tire was low. Thanks buddy.

So, anyhow. Driving down the road. Tire starts making a weird noise. Blah blah.

Tire goes flat. Pull over on the side of the road. Blah blah.

I decided that the two lane highway was not the place to change tire when there was a tiny fire station that I had just past with ample lighting and a cleared off parking lot (dude, ain't no need to kneel down in the snow if ya don't gotta). I make my car limp to the fire station.

I'm secretly hope that the firemen are incredibly bored and I can play the 'stupid girl' card and get my tire changed for me. (Seriously - you know you would of too!)

Yeah, the ambulance bay was empty. The firemen were running a call. (Geez, as if possibly saving someones life is more important...)

Moving on.

I finally dig out my donut out of my trunk and find my jack - which was playing a very good game of hide and seek with me, btw. I kind of hang out for a couple more minutes... ya know... to make sure the firemen aren't right around the corner...

Fine, fine. They're not coming back soon.

I change my tire. No big deal. Put the donut on, let the jack down slowly, and watch the donut sink down to the rim.


Yeah, wonderful.

I call Elizabeth so she can cuss at my car also, which she did very well.

She and Tony quickly offer to come to my rescue and bring me an aired up spare tire... which didn't fit when they arrived... which made us have to take my flippin flat donut to the nearest gas station to air up...

Yeah, we get back to the fire station, where my disabled car is, and the firemen are back... It appears that they were waiting for us to arrive, since we barely made it out of Tony's car before the Captain greets us.

To make this outragously long story shorter, if everything had been timed just a little differently and I had arrived when the firemen were there, they would of been able to change my tire and air up my donut for me in no time at all.

Oh, and, my tire... it has a hole the size of a nickle in it. In the flippin' sidewall. Unfixable.

Now I have to buy a new tire.

Do you see money pouring out of my ears?! Yeah, me either.

But, Tony's hood doesn't rattle anymore! (If you're not Elizabeth or Tony, you don't care about this, so I'm not going to explain.)

(You're welcome.)

Oh, and I never made it to work tonight.


angie said...

I'm sorry! is that why you called last night?

Robin said...

That sucks...not much more annoying than to get a flat tire.

Trisha said...

Karma. Yep you said it. It got ya. That so sucks!! See I AM the stupid girl. I know that I have a spare tire...but I also know that my car does not have a jack in it. Way to be prepared right? Well, that just means that I don't have to do it myself...and I play the "stupid" part so well! I probably wouldn't trust it to just any ole stranger...but a group of firemen...heck yeah! But if they weren't there I'd just be on my cell phone whining to Gary and he'd come help me....when he felt like it. Yeah...maybe I should rethink this "jack" thing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh honey it is not karma bad things just tend to happen all at once sometimes! :-)
I know because it all comes down on me all at once, what is that sayng when it rains it pours?