Friday, February 02, 2007


Why, oh why, did I bother calling my employer last night?

I told him the scenario about my tire.

We even shared a laugh about the stupidness of the situation.

I asked him nicely to leave a note for the other girl that does my job, letting her know that I couldn't make it in to work last night. Also to please leave in the note that I would be in tonight.

So, why do I get phone calls early this morning, asking if I'll be in to work tonight?

Yeah, that would be because my employer didn't leave a note.

Uh huh. Nice.


Elizabeth said...

Oh honey that is what happens what someone is paid $7.50 an hour to do a job. I hope you yell at him later. :-)

Trisha said...

I'm pretty sure that this guy you told to leave a note did not find this under his "job description". You know I find a lot of that in most places of employment. You call to tell some one something of importance to think they will advise your then find that when you come in to one knows a darn thing. Nice!

angie said...


angie said...

can i get my movies back from you sometime?

Bluepaintred said...

bad days suck. bad weeks suck even more.

chocolate is the key to a successfuly day