Thursday, March 01, 2007

Discover Card Loves Me

I seriously needed some new jeans.

Of course, I didn't really have any money to buy jeans.

Considering my jeans were starting to fall apart, literally, I decided that I should probably go ahead and use my credit card to buy some ASAP.

Otherwise, I was going to have a very embarrassing moment soon. And, I don't think I could handle that, emotionally. ;)

So, I go to the store, with full intentions of only buying jeans.

Yeah, I'm sure you see where this is going.

I leave with:

  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 spray nozzle for my kitchen sink
  • 1 5 lb bag of cat food
  • 10 packages of seeds for the vegetable garden (less than a buck a piece)
  • 2 movies - Talladega Nights and Man of The Year

Uh huh. Right. Don't see that credit card payment going down anytime soon.

Uhm, yeah. Elizabeth, I know you were going to lend me Talladega Nights... but, you know... It was an impulse buy.

And, Angie, I'll lend these to you if you've not already gotten them through Netflix. I know mom was interested in the Robin Williams one.

And, everyone else, DON'T TELL ME ABOUT THE MOVIES!! We haven't seen them yet.

Please send pocket change my way to help pay off my credit card bill. Large sums of money also accepted. :D


Sheila said...

Okay. We watched Talladega Nights tonight. So, you can discuss as needed. ;)

Bluepaintred said...

heh thats why i dont have any credit cards. just picture me a credicard and a net connection... not good.

Elizabeth said...

WOW! You were like all jacked up on mountain dew! -Yes that was from the movie, thanks!
So um yeah you are funny and out of control at the same time but you know whatever!
Don't feel bad I do that sometimes too although I have become better but it still gets to me ever now and then. It is really hard not having money all the time. :-)

Trisha said...

Money? Money? Is that the green stuff I've heard so much about? Wow, I thought that was just stuff from a fiction novel.

So you spent some money. It's not like you went out and bought a bunch of crap that you "THOUGHT" you needed at the time and find it a year later in the bottom of your closet, tag still attached. Yeah, I've NEVER done that! :o)