Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wake Up Call

I know I don't have 'normal' sleeping hours.

Sleeping until noon is not uncommon for us. One o'clock isn't odd either.

I understand this can be somewhat a pain for other people. Especially for Home Health.

But, seriously, its written down in Tom's file that we sleep late.

And, in all honesty, we don't sleep late. We go to bed late (read: sometimes as late as 5 AM), which makes us wake up late.

We're not sleeping our lives away. Eight hours of sleep is about the average of what we achieve. Some days we got a lot more, some days we only get 6 hours of sleep.

It really irks me when we get a phone call before noon, and the person (who knows full well what our sleeping schedule is) on the other end of the line asks astonishingly if we're still asleep.

I don't call you at 2 AM and seem amazed that you're asleep.

Poor Tom. Before he got hurt, he'd be asleep before 10 pm. He'd wake up by 6 AM, so cheery that I would want to shoot him. ;) He'd be kind enough to let me sleep until 9 AM, then he'd bravely wake me up to enjoy the day with him.

(I'm not happy when I wake up. No matter what. Period. End of story.)

Since he's been hurt, though, my night owl-ness has overtaken our lives. I've slowly converted him to late nights, late afternoons, and a non-stop stream of shocked people calling us before noon wondering why we're still asleep.

I've tried to change. After getting out of the hospital each time, our hours have been adjusted to 'normal' hours. Each time I think: I'm going to hold on to this sleeping pattern.

Then, the reverb of being in the hospital takes over (what I call 'Hospital Hang Over'), and you find yourself sleeping your first day home away.

The next thing you know, I'm up until 6 AM... I've seen the sun rise... and I think: Hm. Maybe I should go to sleep now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you got the night owl syndrome from me, and I got it from my dad. Just like brown hair & eyes.

Trisha said...

I hear ya girl. If I could find a job that let me work from 11 am to 2pm so that I could have my afteroon and evenings free...and still get paid enough to afford life...heck, I'd be all over that. I'd take staying up until 3 am anytime over waking up at 7 MATTER how much sleep I get. I too am so NOT a morning person.