Sunday, March 18, 2007

I are smart.

How long have I owned my car?

(Almost two years, for those not keeping track.)

How many times have I put gas in my car?

(uhm, since I'm the only person that puts gas in my car, I'd say 'fairly often'.)

Why do I sometimes have problems remembering which side my gas tank is on my car? (Is that worded really weird?)

(I have no idea. But, I feel like a complete idiot EACH TIME I pull up to the pump incorrectly.)

In my defense, its not each time. It might be once every 3 months. But, really... its not like the tank switches sides on occasion. You'd think I'd have it figured out by now.


Bluepaintred said...

listen, in good faith i cannot laugh at you. I mean did you READ my car/gas post?

but on the other hand. it is really funny.

One giggle. then i swear, no more..ok?


Kentucky Girl said...

You know, if you look at your gas the side of the little picture of the gas pump, there is a weeeeee little arrow...that arrow points to the side that your gas hole is on.

I live to serve. hehe

Trisha said...

Yeah, what Kentucky girl said!

Elizabeth said...

Really I wouldn't be too hard on yourself I think that everyone does that no matter how long you have had your car.

Trisha said...

Seriously! It's been 4 days now...what does a girl have to do to get a new post? SERIOUSLY!