Friday, March 16, 2007


I've still not done my taxes.

For some reason, I'm terrified I'll make a mistake.

I hate change. It really messes with my head.

I bought a house last year. This is the only reason I've not done my taxes.

Because of that one small change which affects my taxes, I find myself putting it off.

I've got to convince myself to learn how owning a house fits into doing my taxes. But, I don't wanna.

Maybe I'd be more apt to learn if I thought I was getting a decent refund. But, I doubt that will happen. Therefore, there is no monetary reward for getting the paperwork done faster.

So, here I sit... thinking I should do my taxes, but I won't. Not tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.


Bluepaintred said...

n canada we have till the end of april to do taxes. and we go get them done by someone else LOL

Kentucky Girl said...

We still haven't done our taxes. Why one asks? Because I got a supplemental tax bill in the mail the other day for $1600. SIXTEEN HUNDRED on top of what we already paid last year. Ugh. I dread having them done to see what we owe this year.

Having a house hasn't helped us really. BOO to the HOO! Doug has suggested I pop out some kids...but HELLO? That would cramp my style and they're expensive!

Besides, I'm going to figure out a way to claim our furkids on them...somehow. Ugh.

Trisha said...

Ahhh....and this is the reason I own absoluletly nothing. Well, that and the serious lack of money. LOL. No kids, no house, no husband, no dependents at all, no big stock/bonds (other that 401k which is already figured in). Yep, I'm a loser, but one that doesn't have to worry about tax time too much. LOL.

Elizabeth said...

Honey, I am telling you call or email Stacey and ask her about that cause she has done her own for a long time and could probably just answer any ?'s you have.