Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ya don't say...

I guess I have different font options since I reverted back to the 'classic template' for blogger - I don't remember having them before. Or maybe that's some perk that comes with this template. Heck if I know. I'm not going to mess with it too much, though, cuz it just ain't worth my time. But, it is intriguing.

By switching to the 'classic template', though, there are some things that I've misplaced. Nothing major. Nothing important, either. So, I probably won't be adding that stuff back any time soon.

The only thing that I do miss is the 'read more' option that I had coded into my old layout. Yeah, I have no idea how to put it into this template. So, I'm not messing with it. (For now anyhow.)

And, of course, its now technically Wednesday.

So, its time for your Way Back Wednesday fix.

(C'mon. Humor me.)

(Some of the 'cousins', from left to right: Jim, Sheila, Donald, Debby, Jeff, Angie and Heather. There's a cousin missing from this photo. I have no idea why... any ideas, family?)


Elizabeth said...

So cute the kids!

angie said...

that is an interesting observation... it took me a min to figure out who it was.