Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yay Pretty!

There's this really frackin' cool girl who posted some free templates on her blog.

And, since she makes templates for a living. And, hers are much prettier than mine was... I decided to use this one.

I'll make a couple more changes later.

But, now its time to enjoy the day.


Bluepaintred said...

i was just there looking over the other one. I ordered a blog template from her website and have been waiting .. somewhat impaitently for her to contact me LMAO

Kentucky Girl said...

so pretty and springy! :D

Sheila said...

I like it!!

But, the dumby that I am, I did save my old layout... but the sidebar widgets didn't outline all the crap. So, I have to go find all the codes again.

Does that make sense?

Trisha said...

Ahhh....so pretty! You must have caught the "change" bug. First house-cleaning and now blog-cleaning. Man...you need a break!

RisibleGirl said...

I really love her designs. This one looks good on you! :)