Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not even close

Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm not a house-cleaning Nazi.

I mean, things have their places, and they better be put there.

But, when it comes to dusting or vacuuming... well, eh, its hit or miss.

So, I got some wild hair today to clean my house.

Like, really clean it.

I make the plan of attack.


Ya know, crap like that.

Right. Well, if I seriously cleaned my house regularly, I wouldn't have to have an all day cleaning marathon.

But, I'm not smart like that.

So, I used my only Swiffer duster refill and attempt to dust the WHOLE house.

Uh huh.

As I started clearing dust off of what I originally thought was a grey shelf... just to find out that the shelf is really black... I decide I should strategically dust. You know, so as to get the most out of my last Swiffer.

1. DUST (somewhat done. not really. but, as good as possible for one Swiffer.)

Sweeping really went off without too much of a hitch. I actually moved some stuff around that hadn't been swept under since we moved in. (slight exaggeration there.) I don't understand why all the cat hair seems to be attracted to the kitchen floor, though. I could sweep that floor three times a day and each time have enough cat hair to create a.whole.nother cat EACH TIME.

2. SWEEP (by this time, I'm starting to get a little tired. I can feel the steam running out.)

I take a break for a Diet Coke and a cigarette. Tom asked me if I was going to come spend some time outside with him (for the hour and a half that he was out of bed today). I tell him that I can't take too long of a break, otherwise I'll loose all motivation to vacuum.

He quickly urges me to go inside. ;)

I decide to tackle the bedroom with the vacuum, since its been ignored the longest. (I hate stirring up dust while Tom's stuck in the room. So, I wait until he's in his chair to vacuum. And, no, its not a cop out so I don't have to vacuum that room as much!)

After getting the bedroom done, Tom informs me that its time for him to get back into bed. I tell him that I still need to vacuum the living room and to change the cat litter. Those are my last two goals for the day.

Right. I get Tom into bed.

I sit down.

I don't get back up to clean.

I guess the living room and the litter box will wait until tomorrow.

(PS - and YES, this was the most eventful thing for me to blog about since I posted last... deal with it.) :D


Bluepaintred said...


i have the same "right now i am cleaning and if i stop for anything even too pee i will not get back up and finish the cleaning i need to get done. oh wicked wicked email why art thou calling my name? begone! leave me in peace to clean!" experiance you do!

Kentucky Girl said...

I totally don't care for cleaning house. Besides, it is just gonna get dirty again! :D

Trisha said...

I'm proud of you. You actually blogged about something that was not only entertaining, but also told about a day in the life of darling Sheila. What a good girl. I know...you only do it for my approval right??