Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mail Call

My mailbox is across my little gravel road, on my neighbors property.

There's this large old metal pole that is supposed to hold it and two other mailboxes. This pole is older than God, though, and has warped downward over its lifetime.

Since we've moved here, the postal worker has left several notes in our mailbox regarding this issue.

The mailbox is supposed to be between 44 and 46 inches from the ground to the bottom of the box. I think we are lucky if the pole holds the mailboxes 30 inches off the ground.

Being the good neighbors that we are, we placed the note from the post office to repair the height of the mailboxes in the property owners mailbox.

Heck, we figured, its in his yard... shouldn't he fix it?

Obviously not, because the exact same note mysteriously ended up in our mailbox the next day.

Anyhow - after looking over the 'structure', we decided that it would be so much easier for us to move our mailbox to our property. Directly across the street from the current location.

Well, believe it or not, its just not as easy as moving your mailbox.

You've got to call the Post Master and ask permission. They may even have to come out to your location to approve the spot for the mailbox.

Seriously? I mean, I understand if we were moving our mailbox across 4 lanes of traffic. Or, even if we were the last grouping of mailboxes on our road (since we live on a dead end)... how it might throw a wrench in the postal workers drive.

Neither of these predicaments are true though. The driver will still have to drive past our current mailbox location to get to the last one on the street, then turn around to exit the neighborhood. Thus (wow, how proper sounding), dropping our mail on the way out.

Now, I realise calling the Post Master isn't a big deal. And, I also understand how important this information could be in a lot of situations.

But, c'mon. Seriously.

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Trisha said...

It's funny you mention this as a few of us were just discussing this issue on Friday (over cocktails of course). How stupid is it that YOU have buy your own mailbox, maintain your own mailbox and yet you can't do anything to it without "their" permission? I mean seriously. Why don't THEY have to maintain THEIR property. Also do you realize that if you (as an individual) put something (like a present, note, flyer..whatever) in some one elses mailbox you could be fined! SERIOUSLY!!!