Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yeah, look at that. It's 10AM. And, I'm awake.

I know, I know. Don't worry. I've checked, the Apocalypse is not occurring.

We were supposed to go to the doctor, again, today. We went to bed early. Things were going as planned, no problems.

Anyhow, Tom woke up really sore. We kept putting off getting him in his chair, hoping the soreness would pass (somedays it lasts a long time, somedays not so much). We put it off, and we put it off...

And then, I realized that we had put it off long enough that if we had started leaving the house at light speed, we'd still be ridiculously late.

So, I called the doctor's office and told them we wouldn't be able to make it in until 11:35-11:45 (our appointment was at 11).

Basically, the nurse said that we'd miss the doctor if we came in that late, and to reschedule for next week.

So, we've completely skipped the doctor for 3 weeks now. I kind of feel bad.

But, you know, I'd much rather Tom not feel like complete and total crap on his way to the doctor.


Bluepaintred said...

well i guess thats a reasonable excuse, but try and make it next time or i will spank you. you wont enjoy it this time!

Trisha said...

You BETTER make it next time whether or not Tom is whining. Maybe that's his way of getting out of it. You know how men are about going to the doctor. They could be on their death bed and still think "I'll be okay, I don't need a doctor". Stupid men. Sorry Tom...but yeah, you're a man and you still avoid the doctor. Bad, bad, bad!

Sheila said...

The trip to the Doc was for a rutiene check up on his wounds, which are looking good and still healing. If there was any remote cause for concern, I would of told him to suck it up and made him go. Anyway, we had Home Health come out instead... so its not like we just ignored everything. Duh!