Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Speed Readers!

Y'all really read these posts?

Or do ya just skim over them and wait for the punch line? Gosh. Rude. ;)

I just noticed on yesterday's post that I had my sister going to an ERT specialist.

What is an ERT specialist?

I have no idea.

If anyone knows what they specialize in, please put it in the comments.

Oh, and if ya notice an insane typo or something that doesn't make any sense, please clue me in.

Don't you know y'all are expected to watch for that stuff? Geez. Slackers. Sleeping on the job!

(Oh, and I left the ERT anyhow, cuz I know someone is going to want to scroll down and see if they had noticed it yesterday and just didn't think to say anything.)


Bluepaintred said...

you might have left it in, but the acronym code was changed!!

Trisha said...

I did kinda look at that and tried to figure out what it was...but then I thought, Well she's blabbing about her sisters personal medical info..I don't think I need to question her. I mean there ARE privacy act laws. I think you need a signed form from Angie to talk about her medical problems. :o)

angie said...

I saw that but I found it funny

Elizabeth said...

Um yeah I am not your mom or teacher so I wasn't going to give you a hard time lady!