Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Somehow, while at my mom's tonight, we got on the subject of sinuses and wisdom teeth. Which, actually, was a very humorous conversation, I promise.

It all started with my sister discussing rescheduling her appointment with an ERT specialist, because she's been having some crazy stuffy head crap for way too long now and antibiotics ain't kickin' it.

We talk about how our sinuses suck overall, and decide that it must be hereditary... on my dad's side of the family (cuz our mom is just staring at us like we're crazy throughout this conversation).

My sister and I started comparing notes about not having enough room for our wisdom teeth to grow in, and how we should get them removed. Although, Angie has been to the dentist recently, and they didn't mention anything about her needing them removed...

As I have wondered for years now, I tell my family that perhaps my sinus issues are because I still have my wisdom teeth. With a relatively small mouth (shut up, peanut gallery), and larger teeth, there just isn't enough room for everything to fit. I should of had teeth pulled when I was younger. And braces. And probably head gear... okay, it's not that bad.

Anyhow - I start to realize that, perhaps, since I still have my wisdom teeth, that it's pressing on my ear canals, making me somewhat hearing impaired.

Of course, I'm joking. But, I continue anyhow:

"Right! Its because of my wisdom teeth that I have a problem hearing Tom talk to me!"

I pause just long enough, then say, "I'm too smart to hear him!"

Get it?!?!

Wisdom teeth. Smart?! Blocking off my ear canals? Can't hear him?!?!

C'mon. That was funny.


Bluepaintred said...



get them all pulled at once, then take pictures of the swelling for me to giggle and point at, mmmk?

Bluepaintred said...

i guess I failed my no blogging experiance, didnt I? New post up at BPR.

it was that or I would have had to type it into your comments!

Elizabeth said...

Well I see where you are going with this and I like it. I think that you should leave them or else you won't have an excuse as to why you don't hear things! Yeah that is my idea! :-)

Trisha said...

I'm thinking you don't really HAVE any wisdom teeth because you don't seem to have any wisdom. Maybe you have smart-ass teeth because you are full up on that. :o)

thethinker said...

I wouldn't mind keeping my wisdom teeth in. I hear it's very painful.

jane said...

I've never been by here, you have a really cute blog design & I love the colors. I could tell right away it's one of Rachel's; I love her designs.

Are you wisdom teeth bony? (I think that's what they're called) The only good thing to come from getting them pulled is if you want to drop 5-10 lbs.
Do they still make people wear headgear? I don't think so, I surely hope not. Those things are like a slow, torturous death (the humiliation, not the pain).

Oh, btw, I like your blog content, too. :)

igs4me said...

i love it! i think it's a ent dr! lol
and if your wisdom teeth haven't come through the gums, they are most likely impacted. (mine were, and they had to take me to an oral surgeon and cut them out) hey at least they knocked me out, woo hoo. oh for the good times!