Saturday, April 28, 2007


I think that the neighbors are out to get me.

For some reason, every other yard in my neighborhood is plush, green and mostly free from weeds.

Then, looking at my yard, you see where all the weeds went.

I guess my house is the 'cool house'. Instead of the place where all the neighborhood kids hang out, its the place where all the dandelions hang out.

I guess its not all bad. Dandelions are quieter than kids.

I think the neighbors transplanted my nice grass with their dandelions before I moved in.

This must be it.

Why else would their lawns look so great and mine look like crap? I know the neighbors don't have some professional lawn care company coming out. I would of seen them by now.

Anybody have any cheap solutions to remove these little yellow-headed monsters?


Bluepaintred said...

HA! I LOVE it!

Especially this part : I guess it's not all bad. Dandelions are quieter than kids.

We have the same sucky yard sandwiched between lush green yards problem too.

But in our case, the only lawn we have is in the back yard, protected from prying eyes by six foot tall fences.

I ignore the weeds. Unless its a thistle, then I use a big knife and cut up the ground under it, pull it out, bag it, toss it and pour bleach into the hole I made to try and kill the roots. It doesn't really work, but I feel really productive doing it!


Fantastagirl said...

Postemergent herbicides that control broadleaf weeds (2,4-D, triclopyr, MCPA, and mecoprop) can control dandelion seedlings. Control of established plants with a postemergent treatment is much more difficult; 2,4-D works best for established dandelion control while triclopyr, MCPA, and mecoprop reduce dandelion vigor but do not kill it.

In most parts of the US 2,4-D is impossible to get your hands on. Most lawn web sites say that you have to 1) spray in the fall, and 2) any dandelions that appear need to be removed - Taperoot and all.

You could just tell your neighbors that you are growing your own salad - yes, some people do eat the leaves...(I don't!)