Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Double A's

You know there's a problem when you start fishing your AA batteries out of the remote controls to power your cordless mouse.

Why don't I go back to a corded mouse?

I love my mouse. Its comfy and contoured like it was made for my hand. I love the wheelie-thingee so I don't have to scroll down using the flipping arrow keys. Its black and silver and all sleek looking. My cordless mouse is perfect!

Except that it eats batteries faster than our remote controls. Which, really, isn't all that fast. But, it seems that as soon as I use up all the fresh batteries in the house, my mouse dies. Then, I have to selectively steal batteries...

Its not that I forget to buy batteries... its that they're so dang expensive! Are they made out of gold or something?

Rechargables... yuck. I can't find a brand that's worth the money. Also, you have to remember to charge the rechargables. (A concept that I'm not great at yet.)

The last place I steal batteries from? My camera. I know the world is getting close to ending if I'm taking the batteries out of my camera to use my mouse. When this happens, its time to pull out the credit card and charge some batteries.

And, its nearly time to pull out the credit card...

1 comment:

Trisha said...

Well, you could always just as a neighbor for batteries....they seem to be some helpful folks...and it would certainly cause some rumors about you. :o)