Monday, April 02, 2007

I <3 Cereal

Its a weird addiction, really.

I could eat cereal every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as long as there were different types available. I could eat Froot Loops for breakfast, Frosted Flakes with Raisins at lunch, and Smart Start for dinner. I'd be set for weeks, I tell you. WEEKS!

There's the perfect combination of cereal verses milk. Ya can't have too much milk, cuz overly soggy cereal ain't good cereal. But, there has to be enough milk for it to be slurped out of the bowl afterwards. (Ya gotta slurp the milk, man. Ya just gotta.)

The strangest part of my addiction would be that I never buy cereal. Okay, maybe once every year or so.

How does an addict get her fix?

Well, its one of those addictions... ya know the ones.

If its not in the house, I don't really miss it. In fact, I rarely crave cereal if its not visible.

But, when someone else does the grocery shopping, and they decide to buy cereal... well, then, its all down hill from there. I'm constantly eyeing the cereal. I'm jonesing for the next bowl. I can't wait to have it. I.NEED.IT.NOW!

Everything settles down as soon as the box is empty.

Its like there was never a problem. I return to my normal self and don't think about cereal again until another box mysteriously appears in my house.


Avitable said...

I like the sugary cereals, but yeah, it's the same thing. The chocolate ones are the best. I could eat those for every meal as well.

Elizabeth said...

Uh wow you have a problem but it looks like it is not too out of control! :-)
I think that you should eat those you know healthier cereals then maybe you wouldn't feel so bad about it.

Elizabeth said...

I am just saying!

Trisha said...

Healthier cereals? Seriously? Then it's not a good addiction. True addictions require a bit more concern when you engage in them. The kinds that leave you with a big bowl of chocolate milk are the bestest!