Saturday, April 14, 2007

I think I have a problem

(this was written last night at 11:32 pm when there was SO MUCH snow on my flippin' satellite internet that I could not get online!)


My addiction to the internet is obvious anyhow. But, when the satellite gets covered with snow, and I cannot get online, I start to freak out a little.

I truly start to wonder how I will fill my time. I find myself sitting in front of the keyboard and staring longingly at the computer, trying to will the satellite to come back.

So, instead, tonight I decide I'm going to play with photoshop. Maybe make a couple different headers for some blogs that I mess with. I suddenly get an idea to toy with, and start to look at google images for the picture I want.

But, wait, there's no internet. Right. That idea is shot.

I, then, start to listen to some music on the computer. All is going alright until I remember there's this one song I wanted to download.

Oh, wait. Right. Not going to happen.

I figure I could work on the family tree.

Uhm, no. That involves the internet.

How about I check the weather to see when this crap is going to pass?

That would be a big fat NO, also.

I can't window shop. I can't check other people's blogs. I can't update my own blog... not that I had anything to write about anyhow. I can't access my email. No instant messaging. No mind numbing games.

I feel shut off from the world.

I've been thrown back into time, where the internet is not readily available.

It really sucks, bad.

Soon our contract with the satellite company will expire and we will be jumping on to another service provider faster than Elizabeth can purchase shoes.

I was just going to get online to research our options. Obviously, that's not going to work right now.

I think its their master plan. You know, frustrate the customer so much that they want to change services, then make the internet impossible to access. That way, the customer cannot look into other options!

So, here I sit, typing in Notepad, thinking I'll transfer this over to my blog when the internet comes back up (which could be a long while - depending on the weather). I keep selecting all the text and trying on each font my computer possesses.

Some entertainment, I tell you. Whoo-hoo.


Trisha said...

Yeah, technology is awesome until it up and disappears on you. Then you have to figure out what you did before all of this "fancy" stuff. Kind of like the cell phone. Years of my life were spend without it..but now...I freak if I leave at home because something COULD happen while I'm gne.

Elizabeth said...

Uh I don't know about that shoe comment that is really pushing boundaries am just saying! :-)