Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Its a Love / Hate thing


I really do enjoy paying my bills online. Its easier for me. I rarely forget to get them paid. I'm never late. Its a good thing.

Any bill that I can pay online, I do.

What I hate is starting up a new account, though. I hate having to sift through the unfamiliar site, trying to figure out the jist of their set up.

Today, while moving my mortgage company payment online, I could not figure out how to make a payment. I pushed every button on their web page twice, I think!

Finally, I gave in and decided to call customer service.

Nearly immediately after jumping through the hoops to get a real live human being, I finally figured it out.

I love looking like a moron. Really, I do.


thethinker said...

It's a good thing that you figured it out on your own. I have never talked with a customer service person who helped me in any significant way. Usually, I spend half of my time on hold, and the other half being switched from one department to another.

Bluepaintred said...

oh man, before, when we had to go down to the company to pay the bills or worse, go to the bank to do it, we were always months behind because we would forget to do it. now ALL of our bills are online. everysingleone. and everymonth they all get paid.

i love love love online banking and bill payments!

Bluepaintred said...

guess what

im a dunce. unless someone else answes the contest witha 5/5, you are the winner. i thought roxdar and coffee mom also had 4/5, but i was looking the answers over..

sometimes i think im going dumb.

ever get that feeling?

Sheila said...

uh, did you not read this post? I felt really dumb several times today. In fact, I wonder if I could make it through a day without feeling dumb. :D

Bluepaintred said...

nono i read it, i just read it in the early afternoon and wrote the last comment in the evening. i forgett a lot of things between then and now you know.

leave me a lone , im tired!

Sheila said...

Oh, Blue, I was teasing you. I'm sorry you're tired. But, I won your contest! Whoo-hoo! Uh, I need your email address, girly.

Trisha said...

Bills? Paying bills? What's that? :o)