Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A wish

Originally uploaded by GoodSheila.

for Spring's return.


angie said...

you do realize its freezing cold outside?

Bluepaintred said...

i hate you


people who have flowers when i have snow shall all die!

Sheila said...

m'kay. this is an old picture. it was a reminder of what spring should be. ya know, since its really not spring-like around here. got it? kthx.

Trisha said...

C'mon...seriously...we need more pictures of flowers because going from the 70 to the 30's is for the birds. Well, not really, even the birds are smart enough to get the heck out of here. Stupid lucky birds! HA! Now I'm all caught up on your posts! So there! HA! I repeat...HA!

Bluepaintred said...

it better not be spring like. if i cannot have shorts you cant either

Elizabeth said...

Ok where does she live?
What kinda flower is that Sheila?