Thursday, April 05, 2007

Like a spider monkey!

K, I honestly don't know what a spider monkey looks like. So, I can't tell you if this post is 'Like a Spider Monkey' or not.

But, while faithfully reading my newest Reader's Digest from cover to cover today, I ran across this article about Monkeys helping disabled people.

Since Tom has gotten hurt, I've paid a lot more attention to how animals could help humans. I had thought about training a dog to help open doors and pick things up that Tom drops.

That shouldn't be too hard, right? I've taught a dog to sit and roll over.... so, ya know, I'm a professional dog trainer. Yup, its on my resume, listed right before 'Able to knit underwater for extreme lengths of time'.

But, c'mon. If you had the ability to get a monkey, wouldn't you? Everybody loves a monkey!

I have only a few concerns about a monkey:

  • My cats may think its a large rat, and attempt to kill it for us.
  • People would call and visit, asking to borrow the monkey for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, and then not even cut us in on the profits!
  • The monkey might hate my cats, and sit on my book shelves, throwing my nik naks at them from 8 feet off the ground!
  • The monkey would totally smoke all my cigarettes and drink all my diet coke!!
  • If the monkey gets angry, he'd throw his poo all over my house.
  • On the monkey's day off, we'd hear constant organ grinding music coming from its cage.

Okay - I'm sure the list could go on forever. I'm willing to take suggestions.

In all honesty, though, I don't know if we'll seriously look into getting a service animal. I mean, my cats are pigs enough already. I'm fairly certain I couldn't afford to feed another animal right now, let alone vet bills.

But, I think I'd lean more towards a dog than a monkey. Dogs are accepted easier in public, in my opinion. (They wouldn't cause such an attention craze in a crowd, I'd think.)

I don't know. What do you think?


Elizabeth said...

Ok, I can't believe that you don't know what a spider money looks like! Do you not watch friends Ross used to have a spider money. Anyways as you can see this has upset me so I would like for you to please check this sites out for your own knowledge!
So there you go please do get back to me with your feedback.

Elizabeth said...

PS. yes i know how to spell MONKEY I just didn't proof read before posting REAL NICE!
I know SHUTTY!

Elizabeth said...

Ok one more time I stand corrected the monkey that Ross had on friends was actually a capuchin monkey so sorry about that. Alright everyone got their lesson for the day I did. Ok thanks bye bye now.

Sheila said...

Wow, you were getting all concerned there and whatnot...

I could of totally googled a spider monkey, but couldn't be bothered with it. ;)

Thanks for the lesson, though. Maybe my next post will be about the differences of Spider monkeys and Capuchin monkeys.

Bluepaintred said...

listen, do me a favor and ask toms doctor about a service dog for him. i know that there are programs out there that subsidise the costs involved, plus a healthy animal needs to see the vet once a year, for the boosters and check up. i know dogs are different, but our cats anual check up and boosters come out to les then 100 a year.

im sure you can find programs that can help with the cost of it, and i bet it would be an awesome help to tom.

pee ess, how many cats do you have and can i see pictures?

Sheila said...

Hey, Blue, you can see pictures of my cats here. We have two, and they are about 6 years old or so.

I should have Tom talk to his doc about a service dog. I know that the waiting lists are horrendously long.

Kentucky Girl said...

Monkeys always creep me out. Their little hands are freaky.

Service dogs are wonderful! My friends Amy and Joy have them. Amy has Joy's retired dog and Joy has a new service dog. Anyway, lemme give them a jingle and see what kind of scoop they can give me on the programs and stuff. I'll let you know. :)

Sheila said...

KG - You are so nice! I appreciate the thought!

RisibleGirl said...

I *Love* monkeys, but your list made me laugh like a hyena!

By the way, my husband makes fun of me because of my love for Reader's Digest. I'm glad there's another RD lover out there.

Trisha said...

Aren't YOU almost like a trained spider monkey. Short of throwing poo all over your house (at least that I know of). Maybe he'd made for good company for you...being on the same level as you and all. :o) Love ya!