Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The best presents come in small packages

I do not recall when (or if) my parents set me down and explained to me that I was going to have a sibling. I am fairly certain that, at five years old, I was super excited about it. What little girl wouldn't want her own real life baby doll to play with?!

I do remember, while in kindergarten, instead of playing with all the other little kids at recess, I would walk around with my kindergarten teacher. I would give her my daily update of my mother's pregnancy, my thoughts on the subject and my plans for the baby. (I'm sure my teacher was not really excited about the conversation, but as I remember it, she played along well!)

I vaguely remember staying at my grandparents house for a while as my parent and my premature sister dealt with a slew of medical crap that I didn't comprehend for years to come.

I also remember getting a lovely little necklace from my baby sister after she was born. I think it was a bribe to be nice to her, actually. But, I still treasured that little necklace and wore it as a badge of honor, explaining to anyone who would listen that my brand new baby sister bought it for me! (My older brother got a present too... I have no idea what his gift was!)

I could go on and on about my sister. I could definitely tell you some stories that I'm not sure she'd appreciate me sharing. And, because she is my sister, you can beg and beg for these stories, but they will not appear. I'll post some memories that she won't mind me sharing later this week. (That'll give me time to think of some great ones!)

Anyway - I just wanted the world to know that my sister is 25 years old today! Wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments! Or, if you have a Xanga, go give her some love over there!


angie said...

you're a goof. and thanks

angie said...

I just realized, its wednesday... I'm your way back wednsday! *Happy Dance*

Sheila said...

Why yes you are! Look at you, my little WBW.

Kentucky Girl said...

Hope your sister had a great birthday!

Bluepaintred said...

happy happy birfday!

its a great day for birthdays!

Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE! Sorry I am a little behind but better late then never!!!!

Trisha said...

Ahhh....that's so sweet it makes me wanna puke.