Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, it would appear that the bone in Tom's toe is infected.

And, as with any infection, they can move to other areas quickly. Obviously, this means that we really need to act quickly. We definitely don't want the infection moving on to another toe or up into his foot!

Which means, Tom will have surgery on Monday to remove the affected bone. The doctor is hoping to save the toe, but he admits it doesn't look promising. We'll be there overnight, solely for precautionary measures.

The doctor also said that unless he can find some really good footwear and possibly custom foot plates for Tom's wheelchair, it's almost bound to happen again.

Not horribly exciting, if you ask me.

On a completely different and upbeat note, wonderfully nice people are still finding their way over here from Crystal's place.

And, due to the kindness of strangers, the donations to make Tom's bathroom wheelchair accessible has reached $240! Isn't that truly amazing! I am continuously in awe of the compassion of strangers.


Kentucky Girl said...

Hope everything comes out okay and he gets his toe all better.

OMG, I totally forgot that I was going to make a post about your fund. ARGH! I'm sorry I forgot. Or wait, did I tell you I was or did I neglect to tell you? Either way....heh. I'm dumb...k?

Bluepaintred said...

Stuipd bone, I outa come down there and give it a talking to!

serious. thats not good.

its sucky to the max

so why dont you do some PPP while it is still up and running to raise some $ too?

Sheila said...

KG - How sweet of you to consider doing a post about the fund! And, no, you hadn't told me about it yet.

Blue - whats up with PPP? Is it going under? I may consider it...

Elizabeth said...

That sucks honey!
Does insurance not pay for better foot gear or whatever they are talking about.

Hope everything works out.
Love ya both!

Trisha said...

I don't know what to say about Tom's toe. It sucks, we've covered that. The black cloud of doom has made it's way back to our family again. *sigh*

That does rock about the kindness of strangers! Some people are just too awesome!

Sheila said...

Eliz - The doc knows Tom's insurance situation, so hopefully he'll keep that in account while making all these custom requests.

Trish - I know! What month do we not have covered, now?

Bluepaintred said...

it aint under yet, and I made 38 bux yesterday and 49 by noon today

i think it will go down, but, really, until then its like free money.

and im taking them for all they are worth.

I started up (again) on april 11th, and today I have 197.50. it takes thirty days from the time the ppp is posted on your blog till you get paid, but all you do is sign up for paypal, unless you already have an account.

since you are in the US, you can just transfer the money from pay pal to your bank account, free. in canada it costs us fifty cents (unless its over 150 we are transferring)

You get to do three paid posts a day, with a non paid post in between each paid post.

look into it... it will help the bathroom fund!

pee ess, if you are gonna join, click on reveiw my post at fabs, then he will get an extra ten bux or soemthing,and you get paid to do it too! Id say reveiw one of my posts but i dont know how to get them thingys on my blog LMAO

Sheila said...

But, if they do go under, and it takes 30 days to get paid... would I get my money? :D