Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something a little different:

I have nothing to post about. So, you get this instead:

  • I had a pen pal in fifth grade. It was a required project. I was actually excited about having a pen pal, since I enjoyed writing letters and reading responses. My pen pal didn't work out so well, though. For some reason, I was matched up with a boy who had no desire to write a letter, let alone continue to write after the assignment was over. Can you imagine having a pen pal for 60 years? The other coincidences in this story are very impressive also!
  • I keep thinking that I'm very bored. I sometimes sit around, staring at the computer, trying to find something to entertain myself. Yet, no matter how bored I get, I cannot imagine I would ever do something like this. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could use the money too. But, something inside me makes me think that hitting a bullet with a hammer just ain't smart. Maybe this is why I'll never make the 'big bucks'.
  • I am not always the most confident person when it comes to my appearance. I've got a couple pounds that could use some losing. I think everyone struggles with their appearance in one way or another. Especially in this day and age where plastic surgeon's offices are almost as common placed as McDonalds! I guess the some of the older folks think that our generation needs to get over it. Lemme tell you what, I'm not ready to do that yet. And, uhm, I don't think I ever will.
  • I used to play viola in the orchestra throughout my school days. I really enjoyed it, although wouldn't admit to it freely at the time. We had a couple guest conductors when I was in school. No big names... local celebrities. News casters, past students, blah blah. It sure would of been interesting to look up to the conductors stand to see this guy, no matter whether or not you like him.
  • I've been through some rough times in my life. Nothing real serious, mind you. But, sometimes I wondered how much easier it would be if I were in jail. You know, 3 square meals a day, cable TV, internet access... heck, they'll pay for my college education, even! Well, this guy actually did it. How interesting is that? I mean, I had playfully thought about it, but would never ever really act on it.


Kentucky Girl said...

LOL @ the nudist one. Hehehe

Bluepaintred said...

i think it would be fun to go to a nudest camp, and i figure after the first day, all the self consciousness would go - no pesky tan lines.

when my brother was in grade eight he and a buddy took a mason jar of gasoline and a bunch of bullets. they put the bullets in the gas in the jar and stood throwing matches at it.

retards are luck their aim sucked

Trisha said...

I love you for being weird. Makes me feel like I'm a little more normal. LOL. Okay, so the term "normal" is used very loosely there. I get it okay. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Wow that was a very interesting share!
You sure do have interesting thoughts best friend! You sure do!


mist1 said...

Thanks for the link about the nudists. I'm planning my vacation and I am using the process of elimination to rule out locales. I can cross that one off my list.