Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tom's Rose

This rose bush is one of Tom's prize possessions. It's called a Scentimental Rose. When we moved to this house, we transplanted it and prayed that it would make it through the move.

Of course, it was too traumatized to bloom last year, which made us nervous as to whether it would live or die.

But, here it is this year! The plant itself is finally starting to grow, and obviously produce flowers. It'll take it a good couple years to get back where it was, though!

Oh, btw, this picture was taken with Tom's camera, too! Whoo-hoo.


Kentucky Girl said...

Oh my! That is a beautiful rose! I can't kill roses in my garden. They just keep growing and growing. Ugh. not that I really WANT to kill them, but I'd like to go a week without having to trim one of them back.

Blogarita said...

That's awesome!

rachel said...

OoOo that is a gorgeous rose. I kill them too of course I live in the bowels of hell.

DaisyJo said...

It's beautiful!

Trisha said... pretty!!!

Elizabeth said...

Very pretty!!!!