Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cooking Class at 5

The wedding went alright. It was a small affair, which is fine.

It seemed like every 3rd person had a camera, though, so it was a little hard to get photos without getting in other's shots. I get a little confused when this happens. I don't know who the 'primary' photographer is - therefore trying to stay completely out of their way...

Anyhow - there are some pictures on my flickr account. We took quite a few, and I've not been able to look through them all and check them out. So, some more photos might appear later.

If I really am going to consider doing this for cash, I'm going to need to look into lighting alternatives, because it would of helped tremendously today. Overall, I'm not horribly impressed with the photos. I've done better. Yet, I've done worse, also.

My sister went with me today, which I enjoyed. She went with the intention of helping me take photos, which she did. But, it turned out to not be as necessary as I assumed it would be. But, we did have quite a interesting moments.

My favorite would be when we arrived at the Buddhist Temple before anyone else and had to ask a non-English speaking Monk whether we were in the right place.

"Hi, is there a wedding here at noon?" I ask politely, unassuming of how difficult of a question this really is.

He nods wildly, smiles and cheerfully, "Cooking Class at 5!"

"Uhm," I just don't know how to respond to that. "Nooooo... Wedding... Noon?"
Right, my sister and I decided to wait outside for someone from the wedding party to arrive...


Anyway - On a completely and totally different subject:

In case y'all don't read Trish's blog, I just wanted to quickly say that TRISH IS PREGNANT AND IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY GIRL! AND SHE'S GOING TO NAME HER SHEILA! (Okay, I made that last part up.)


Bluepaintred said...

The pictures rock!

the news of your friend , thats cool!

also, my sis is august 25...

Kentucky Girl said...

Great photos! And yes, lighting makes a HUGE difference in quality of photos. It is a tricky thing though. Doug really liked The Digital Photography Book by Kelby (on Amazon) to help him figure out all the cool stuff to do with his camera.

As for getting in on other people's shots, YOU need to establish to people that you are the official photographer. Invite them to take photos after you've taken yours. This helps with the thirteen mabillionzillion flashes going off at the same time you snap and ruin your photo with the weird shadows and lights. :D

Kathy said...

I didnt know there would be so many with cameras there. I again wanted to thank you sooo much for being there and taking pictures for us cant wait to see the rest of them!!!!

Sheila said...

Kathy -

I think its better that there were so many cameras. That way, you're promised some good photos! Between my sister and I, we got over 300 pics, I think!!

PS - You have a blog?! Uhm, why wasn't I informed? ;)

Teleri said...

Nope just a gmail account lol and I had to respond. I cant wait to see the rest of the pics. I have no clue where the rest of the cameras came from except for Scott's.

Trisha said...

Great job!!! Like I had any doubts that you'd do anything but the best. Guess I'll use you for all my baby pics. Well not MY baby pics since I'm 33 now, but of MY baby. Yeah, that's what I meant. We'll let you follow her from birth. Ahhh...aren't you the lucky one. Guess I better name her after you somehow. How 'bout Pain in the Butt...that work for you? Love ya!!