Friday, May 25, 2007


Why do people think that calling me at 4 AM is alright?!

No, I will not cosign on your bond.

I cannot believe that I am the ONLY person that you know that has had a job for over a year. Aren't you realizing what you're saying?!

I don't care that you're going to loose your job.

Its your problem.

On a different note, I'm doing the photography at a wedding tomorrow. (No charge - its to add to my portfolio so maybe one day I can charge!)

I'm kind of excited about it because its a Buddhist ceremony, and I've not ever been to one of those.

But, I'm a little nervous at the same time because I've not gotten much of a chance to talk specifics to the Bride (a friend of mine).

My sister is coming along to be the second shooter.

And, there's a possibility I may be doing another wedding in June. (Angie? Interested?) This one would be a paying job, but I have no idea what... Cuz I don't know what to charge.

Will post some pictures on Flickr no later than Sunday evening, I think. I'll let y'all know.


Trisha said...

Bet I could figure out who was calling you in one guess. It would start with a "K".

Nope, never a good idea to call some one at 4 in the morning to bail you out unless you already have that sort of relationship established. Otherwise, they could kiss my butt!

Can't wait to see the pictures. Can't wait til you start making some money because if you're gonna be my baby are gonna have to chip in on some baby stuff. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I wouldn't even call you and you really like me not that I would ever be in that position.
That is just out of control.
Anyways have fun tomorrow, am sure you will do a great job.

Sheila said...

You know, it would be a little different if I knew I could find 'em come time for court. But, I'm not signing ANYTHING that makes me responsible for that dilemma.

angie said... check that out lol I'm still googling it all

Kentucky Girl said...

4 am? Yeah, someone better be dead or seriously wounded or something to make me answer the phone at that hour.

Exciting about the wedding! I wanna go! It has been like over a year since I went to a wedding. :(

Bluepaintred said...

k its Sunday, technically.

how did the wedding go? was it fun?

i bet the pictures turned out great!