Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'ma picture taker person

Also Angie!
Originally uploaded by GoodSheila.

We took photos today (uhm, yesterday). Check some of them out here.

I'll work on titles for them all later!


John Cowart said...

Hi Sheila,
I always enjoy your photos. I've sent a link to your site over to my daughter who is also interested in photography.
I "saved as" your picture of the fox for my desktop background for today.

Elizabeth said...

Very nice pictures lady!
Where is that?

Trisha said...

Great pictures!

Hmmm...guess it's a good time for you to get some good "fat" pictures of me since I do not plan on doing this ever again! :o) Might be a good way to get me to diet afterwards as well. LOL.

Sheila said...

John - Thanks for the compliments!

Eliz - Uhm, all over. Longview, Unity and Cass County Fair Grounds.

Trish - Aw, we need to wait until you're the size of a house first, right!! ;)

Trisha said...

I already feel like I'm the size of a house!!!

Trisha said... post please! You and Tom are both slacking here!