Monday, May 21, 2007

Well then...

Again, I sit here, wondering what in the world to write about.

So, once again, I cheat.

Let's look to our friend the StatCounter and see how people find my blog.

It'll be fun.


  • i ate deodorant (Whoah, man, I only accidentally flushed mine... I think you need to seek medical attention.)
  • scroll thingee (I'm all about it! Can't live without it!)
  • for the last company picnic, management decided that, due to liability issues... (yeah, I found it funny too.)
  • why is my car wobbling (Uhm, I think you need a new tire.)
  • don't trust home depot (I'm not supposed to trust them either?! Who am I supposed to rely on?!)
  • internet sister blackmail story pictures (you really think I'd dish out the dirt on my sister?! Sorry, I like my sister.)
  • addiction to diet coke (hm, I don't really have one link to this. It's just a known fact around here. Sorry. Join the club.)
  • nudest camp (ew! ew!)
  • headgear (wow, a lot of people are curious about headgear.)
  • spider monkeys (I think I get more visitors because I wrote this post.)
I will say, since having a blog and being able to track my visitors, I find myself carefully entering words into search engines.

I remember being young and naive... looking up Dick's Sporting Goods. I'll never call that store by it's first name again.


Kentucky Girl said... is truly amazing the search engine hits that you get. I took my blog out of the search engines...well, as much as I could because sometimes I say mean and nasty things and that cannot be good, right?

Elizabeth said...

Who eats deodorant?
I mean really that is gross!

Bluepaintred said...

i eat deodorant all the time, in fact I had it for breakfast today.

im big on fresh breath especially with all the coffee I drink!

Trisha said...

Well, at least you get people to get here. I guess I'll have to get more exciting some how. Oh yeah, just did that huh?

Anonymous said...

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