Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sheila likes to...

I borrowed this from my sister-in-law.

In Google, type your name and "likes to" in quotation marks (ex: "Jesse likes to"). Then make a list of the first ten results to share.

Outside of University life, Sheila likes to travel, meet people, and see new sights -- to learn something new each and every day.

Sheila likes to ride camels in the desert, camp at the base of Mt. Everest and snowshoe through the Swiss Alps. Nutty stuff. But that's my mom.

Sheila likes to be as proactive as possible in her DBA role, but she knows that unexpected situations are a fact in a complex environment.

Sheila likes to keep pretty tight control over everyone in the office to make sure things run smoothly and deadlines are met.

Sheila likes to hear back from customers.

Sheila likes to read biographies, histories, mysteries. and novels; her favorite writers are: Charles Dickens,. Willa Cather, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut

In fact it is the mantra of the Left. And one the absolutes, the bullies at TH have been chanting for quite some time. As Sheila likes to say…”case close”.

Sheila likes to go to Sequoyah Hills Park, where she gets the chance to run off-leash.

Sheila likes to study in the quiet room, and Bob, loud.

Sheila likes to take things slowly. So, with them two, it keeps a handle on the whole management committee 'cause one's on one side and one's on the other


Trisha said...

Ummm....okay then. Nut job.

EE said...

Ok, that was fun. Hope you don't mind if I steal it...

RisibleGirl said...

OH my God! That's hilarious!

::heading to google now::