Sunday, June 03, 2007


Believe it or not, our flipping internet connection is being completely finicky. And, in the process of trying to identify why our connection is being a bigger pain in the butt than normal, I think I accidentally locked our router so Tom cannot wirelessly connect. Which means, Tom is really happy with me (note the sarcasm there, please). And, I know nothing about routers, connectivity and all that crap... well, obviously I know enough to 'lock' it. (We're having a friend come look at it on Tuesday. Oh, and don't suggest an ethernet cord, cuz... well, we don't have one handy.)

So, Tom asked me to tell you that he intended to blog tonight, but cannot because his girlfriend is stupid. Uhm, that's not a direct quote.

UPDATE: I am stupid. Our printer was hooked up with an ethernet cord, which obviously I can disconnect and hook up to Tom's computer. Of course, I now have a cord across my bedroom at about waist level that I'm sure I'm going to forget about and try to walk through, dragging either Tom's laptop or the router with me... But, I told Tom that I would only hook up his laptop if he promised to blog tonight. So, there better be an entry before we go to bed tonight, otherwise I'm pulling the cord!

Anyways - I still can't hear out of my ear. I've pulled on my earlobe more today than Carol Burnett has in her whole television career! I wish I could say that it has helped.

A whole bunch of Tom's family came to visit today before heading out of town again. They had come up for Tom's older sister's wedding, but made a point to stop by and see us since we weren't able to attend the celebration. It was a beautiful day for the visit, and we greatly enjoyed the company.

Whelp, I guess I should work on getting my car inspected and licensed. I don't think if any cops pull me over for expired tags would buy my sob story about my ear infection...

It is a good sob story, though, I promise. Especially when I get the bill!


Bluepaintred said...

hope you get your wireless issues worked out soon, i know how badly it SUCKS to have a finicky router.

also I snort/laughed fo rthe "pulling the cord" comment


I sure hope your ear gets better soon.

angie said...

those are good questions, glad you're feeling better even if you still can't hear. you want to get the truck's tags too?

ang said...

if I stop feeling like crap, I'll take it

Elizabeth said...

You are silly and I have not checked yet but sure hope there is a post from Tom.
You need to get your internet changed asap.