Monday, June 18, 2007

Would ya believe...

Third times a charm.

Oh yes. I'm talking about the ER.

Now I have developed Bell's Palsy.

I had Dona (Tom's mom) take me to the ER tonight. I was concerned that I might of had a stroke. Looking back on it now, I should of known better. But, you know, the situation freaks you out at first.

I had noticed my eye was really dry yesterday. Tonight, I was showing Tom how interesting it was that I couldn't wink properly. I thought it was because the medication I was on had dried out my eye completely. I didn't freak out until I was laughing at my lack of ability to wink, and Tom noticed the right side of my mouth wasn't moving either.

Yeah, that's when the panic attack set in.

Anyway - I am home. This is supposed to sort itself out in a week or so. Until then, I'm supposed to tape my eye closed.

There are more medications that I must figure out how to purchase. But, for now, sleep....

Argh, matey! I'm a pirate! (Oh, c'mon, you were thinking it!)


angie said...

you know you can always call on me if you need to.

yeah, that almost sounds like a song should be in the background. oh thats lean on me.

get some rest, feel better. love ya!

Blogarita said...

I've known two people who've had Bell's Palsy. It does work itself out in time.

You can learn to sleep with your eye open, but yeah, I think taping it shut would be more effective.

RisibleGirl said...

OH MY GOD! How scary!

I hope you're OK soon.

In the meantime, please do think about getting a really groovy pirate eye patch. I think that would be uber cool.

Seriously, get better.

Trisha said...

My mom took you? Man, I must have REALLY needed to sleep because I never even knew she left the house. I'm gonna have to have a talking to with that woman. What if I DID get up and notice she was gone. I would have FLIPPED!!

You are one messed up individual. You poor thing. You are making pregnancy look like a piece of cake. Dang!!

I do hope you get to feeling all better soon. With all that medication you won't even know if you are feeling better or not, you have to be awake for that to happen.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all that crap passes soon and you are all back to normal. Well, as normal as you get anyway.

Love you!!!!

Sheila said...

Angie - I thought about calling you. It'll be your turn next though... I promise. ;)

Blogarita - I'm glad to know it really does work itself out over time, cuz I want my face to work again.

RG - It was super scary. The panic attack was worse than the condition itself, though. I'm taking a collection to purchase a cool patch. Ya interested? ;)

Trish - Your mom figured that you'd call her cell phone if you noticed she was gone. And, I'm purposely trying to make your pregnancy look easy. That was the plan all along.

THOR said...

NUMBER ONE FAN HERE I love you sweetie!! I think it's time to let me be the ER patient again.I go occasionally,but you seem to want to go continually.And that just doesn't work for me. OHKAYEE MISSEE!;) Plus I feel my most helpless when I have to stay here in bed,instead of being there with you :(

If you do this for me I'll quit being so "in love" with Blue.

Bluepaintred said...

my MIL had BP when she was a bit younger. It sucks big time. How you holding up?

Bluepaintred said...

tom. you can stay inlove with me. its ok, I wont tell....


Kentucky Girl said...

OMG, I had this happen to me on Christmas eve a few years ago. doctor's offices to run into. No, I had to wait 12 hours in the ER with a stupid face.

They told me to tape my eye shut, but it didn't really work so I took to taping a piece of dampened gauze to my face over the eye. That seemed to work a little. Oh it is really horrible. They prescribed me (if I recall) a steroid and an anti-inflammatory. It did clear up mostly in a week but that week was torture! I DROOLED. ME. DROOLED.

I threatened that if Doug took a picture of me on Christmas day that I would smash his head in with a brick and I MEANT it. It was hard to eat. Hard to drink. My eye just stayed open and weeping the whole time. And I talked funny.

It does work itself out (mostly) in a week or so with the right meds. I say mostly because even after the majority of the symptoms go away, you can still have partial facial paralysis for months. My eye was sort of lazy for a while longer, but at least I stopped drooling. :(

I did, of course, have some fun with it. I printed out crazy eyes from the internet and taped them over my dampened gauze for when Doug came to bed, he'd see the crazy eye staring at him. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Geez lady I am gone for not even a day and you are back at the ER?
Could you please stop now?
You will feel better right now!
How about now?
Ok now.
Please, please feel better. You are going to be ok I just know you are!
Maybe you could sign up for frequent flyer miles at the ER? Maybe they could give you a discount then.

Sheila said...

Tom - I'd be perfectly okay with a break from the ER. For both of us.

BPR - Miserable. Just plain miserable.

BPR - Uhm, y'all want a private moment, or something? ;)

KG - Luckily I only sat in the ER for 3 hours or so. It was a slow night. I'm on the same types of meds as you. Not excited to hear that the symptoms are long lasting, but at least most go away quickly.

Eliz - The pharmacy did give me a little discount card! If only the ER would do the same!